About Us


Creating Smiles Since 2006

Kj’s Market began in 2006 after opening its first store in Florence, S.C. In the years following, Kj’s Market gained a greater footprint in the Southeastern region as its parent company, W. Lee Flowers, also grew. Today, Kj’s Market is known for passionately serving your hometown with a smile.


Smiles made fresh In-Store

Kj's Markets are rooted in hometown values. We're family owned and based in the Carolinas. Each local store plays a unique and integral role in the community it serves through various community programs. Just like a valued neighbor, we take pride in doing good.


Our Local Roots Run Deep

W. Lee Flowers was founded in 1922 and began selling farm implements, hardware and dry groceries to local retailers from their warehouse in Lake City, SC. Today, W. Lee Flowers operates both wholesale and retail with locations across North and South Carolina and Georgia.